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Thursday, January 25

Good times at the baby party. Clicky the title for more. Thanks guys!
Monday, January 22

i've been lazy on the digi cam. i think this is from a new years day ski...or the weekend after.
Sunday, January 21
Wheels good.
I've been out on wheels a few times this week. Enough new snow this morning I could have skied, but I was happy to pedal in the white stuff a bit.

Monday, January 15
Moutainbikers Like sKiing day.

sunday miscellanea

a few pics from the weekend
Saturday, January 13
swam'e sez

thirsty ?
Friday, January 12
A ride, a ski
Finally got out on an alright ride the other day. Yeah, there's still snow, and my xc skis have seen way more time than my bikes in the last month. I like it.

It's only 1 degree F outside now, and it'll be that cold all weekend. With more snow. Yes.
Sunday, January 7
and a few more

pic #1 jb and shrek
pic#2 tracy explains that merlot is her kryptonite
pic#3 group shot
huh ? A boa at a party

regardless of what you may have and boa's DO NOT mix.
did someone mention teddy bears ?

no words can explain
2nd Annual Shrek appreciation party

lovable, and cuddly like a teddy bear.
Friday, January 5
My mom made it to Haiti this morning. She's volunteering down there, helping out with free eye care. She's off the grid until next weekend when she flies back to the states. It's her first trip out of the country, first time to the third world, and she was super excited when we talked about it.
Wednesday, January 3
The two snowstorms we've had in the last two weeks left a ton of snow around. Most of the neighborhood roads around our place are still down to one lane. There's still about a foot in most places, more in others, and some grass just starting to peak through. I'm skiing down here where I've never considered it before, and just got out for my first bike ride in 2 weeks yesterday. Oh, and all it did in Olympia was rain. That's Xmas morning. I missed a white Xmas by so little.