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Saturday, January 13
swam'e sez

thirsty ?
Blogger debaser said...
Nice recycling bucket. It'd be better if it said titty bingo.

Blogger magic said...
Kokanee is the worstest beer in the world. Maybe it would'nt had been so bad if we were running short on funds and we had to resort to cheap beer.
I remember what happened. It was Chad's turn to buy and he thought we were drunk enough and we would'nt notice the stank beer he was pushing. Or, maybe it was stale, after all it was The Eagles Club.

Blogger Chaybo said...
nice story jo-hansen but you're still about the only fellar i know that complains when he recieves a FREE beer. Sorry about the luke warm piss. I had to go....BAD ! And yes, part of the problem could have stemmed from our desperate situation at the Eagles. Shortest line if i remember correctly.

i thought for sure that you'd have a Jim Beam story for us too. Come on johnson.....think.