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Monday, October 31

Uh yeah. New headbadge installed!
Saturday, October 29
Picture of Pablo

Between the trucks.

Wednesday, October 26
720 you know where
Been a while since someone posted from the archive.

Monday, October 24
More from Omaha Pub Crawl

Omaha Pub Crawl

Cruising up to the Homy Inn.
Dumb and Dumber...
That's right, Asti on tap. You know it is going to be a good night with some bubbly.

Napoleon (aka Ryan) getting down at the old dundee dell.

Sh-Sh-Shake that ass.
Trapper pic

Trapper is the tallest point...... down low is middle lake and you might be able to make out Gem lake just above...we hiked into these lakes the next morning.
Trapper Peak

the climb up to the top of trapper was nice, we were tipped off that the best route was along a trail-less ridge line that eventually took us to the peak. Walking along the ridge gave us countless views and eventually 360 degree panoramic views that entailed 7 different mountain ranges. The centenials, the mission range of the flathead, pintlers, sawtooths, sapphires, Pioneers of Dillon, the crazy mountains north of bozeman and lots in between.

mike walking along the ridge
weekend pics

Here are a few pics from the weekends backpacking trip....Mike and I headed up to Baker Lake were we set up a small camp at the crack of dawn and from there climbed up to the top of Trapper Peak which is the second tallest peak in MT at just over 10,000 ft. The lake was beautiful and the mirror images stellar, hard to explain how cool it is to see the stars while looking into it at night.
here's mike standing in front of baker. Did i mention we had the lake to ourselves. I had ol' Mic howlin at the moon after a bottle of Cpt. Morgan. Good shit.


this was the scene when wolfman left me to return back to lincorn and me up to comaha... looks pretty nice in the picture but it was dreary and windy from the northwest.
rainy day projects

i know its not bike related but it sort of is...i didn't have any excuses on saturday for not working on my bathroom project. and with my hopes for a noon time ride spoiled, i got a lot done. tub reinstalled and plumbed and got my sink counter installed. i had the tile work done previously. i just had to mount it to the wall and get the legs placed and anchored to the floor. this baby is rock solid now. you know the old rule, if you can't have sex on it then its not strong enough. next step is to grout my backsplash and finish the painting. then set the sink and plumb it.
my weekend

well i skipped both x-races and the omaha pub crawl. bad me i know. but i did get a ride up to omaha yesterday. rode with the wolf to wabash and then on north by myself. this shot is just north of louisville on the mopac trail that connects louisville to springfield. it's a little more out of the wind then riding on hwy50 but the north wind was certainly there. once i turned east on capeheart road then i had a crossing tail wind which was pretty kind.

how did the rest of your ride go there wolfman??
Saturday, October 22
One early, one late
Two rides today. Up pre-dawn to Lyons for a ride with Dave and Squeeky (first 6-pack I've seen), here they are riding the step in the rock garden. Later Pablo and I rode the bitch, where a new connector's been added. It goes past this old cistern that's pretty deep. That big silver cylinder at the bottom of it is the size of a water heater. I can't imagine the parks people will leave it open, so I snapped some photos.

Riding bikes is good. Now I'm tired.

* Update *

Woke up this morning feeling lazy, didn't want the hassle of dricing, etc, so I did the bitch again today w/Zana. Rode the single. I had fun. Anyone else have fun this weekend?

Friday, October 21
Gunnar Crosshair

Grant's got a new bike !
Tuesday, October 18
Over there.

It was fun. It was hard. I even got to meet some peeps from NE (Sam and Mohawk dude). Just a few pics to tempt you: A sunset, and don't seperate a pregnant lady from her cigarettes.

Monday, October 17

Unexpected hooky day from work. Rode with to Omaha with my GB GK? He said we had to stop by and check out Olypia cycles. I was all for it. Armed only with a cell phone camera and a handful of loot from the swap meet could only mean trouble! Olympia was purdy cool if you like Bianchis and you could say i kinda like em. I bought a couple of things a pair of NOS deerhead shifters and a set of cross country skis poles and boots. Ski package came to a grand total of $30 bucks the boots are brand new like back in the 8 2 ! I'll be rockin the bamboo poles this season. I know this stuff wasn't top of the line whenever it was made but i'll be ready for the snow to fly this year. I won't have to spend like $250 to go skiing like 5-10 times. I'm happy :) We also stopped by and said Hello to MOD on the way home. I think he was on the phone hammering of some details for his costume for the Omaha pub crawl. See you there buddy!

Come up to Omaha and party with the Hulkster! Meet at the 49'r (49th and Dodge) Saturday October 22nd, 7:00 pm. Wear a costume or you will feel left out.
Just got this Video emailed from the Showen Master thanks all most as good as being there. Okay not really I'm bummed I missed the the ride from Lee's chicken had to pack up the crap from the swap. Thad and MG i was bummed is missed you guys!
saturday alright by me
sorry about the heading, but i spent most of the day listening to classic rock at the swap meet. bdiddy,wolfman and i bought three parking lots and we were getting mobbed before we even set up. if you got there early, and you've been good to me, you got some swag. by the looks of the other spots, stalls 23,24, and 25 were doing alot more buisness than the others. had some guy (i'll call him proboy) stop by the booth after his "ride to dorchester". i didnt know that the bike path led to dorchester, next time you want to make comments on my stuff and dicker on my prices go by a cup(not a drink'n one), because i'm putting steel toes in the puma's. already talking about next year, more swag, drinks, maybe the pro can sign autographs and possible someone handing out some candy.

saturday night was the annual beer ride championships. i knew i wasnt in shape as i havent been training as much for this one. i lost contact with the lead group most of the night. thanks to bdiddy when i called back to my team car, he was there quick with a new "water bottle". proboy attended (he probably got an appearance fee) and was in the lead group most of the night. i didnt see proboy most of the night, but the last time i saw him he was calling back to his team car for a rear wheel change. a big thanks to bdiddy for taking on the "mopac bully" and standing up for all of us. the bully wouldnt let wolfman and i pass him and he kept taking us into the ditch. thanks to gas and tj for rid'n me and my tires full of thorns home. i truly enjoyed the conversation on the goverments purposeful planting of mountain lions in nebraska.

we should all get together more often.

Sunday, October 16
Lap 1: Broken chain.
Lap 2: Night lap.
Lap 3: Night lap, ate shit.
Lap 4: Looking forward to post-race recovery diet.

Post-race recovery diet: Bologna sandwich & beer.

This my favorite picture that i took. I should have been on the camera a little bit more. Purdy poor documentation on my part(read: to busy drinkin'). I try and get post more details later...

This accident was as messy as this pic looks.

Sara and Melissa after three beers at the bar are ready to hit the Mopac!

First stop after Yia Yia's was for supplies at N street.
Wednesday, October 12
loaner car...

So... The Subie's getting a new clutch today. Seems some part in the assembly is broken, and to fix it they're slapping an entire new system in the car. Whew for that warranty...

Anyways, got an Outback XT as a loaner. Hood scoop w/turbo under the hood. Damn, that car is FAST. Makes me wish I had the day off just to go romping up and down the canyons...

* update * Got it for the night. It was fun. Made me wish I didn't have to pack for the weekend so i could stay up all night raging up and down the canyons.
Monday, October 10
Ok peeps, get your song requests in for Saturday. I am making the playlist, so be heard now or you suffer the terrible wrath of Rick's musical taste.

the reception was atop Big mountain ski and took a gondola ride to the top. Lots of booze was flowin'. Damn good food, a ten pc band and the devall kids cuttin up a rug.
view from St Mary Lodge

3rd floor view
a few more pics

a couple more from the wedding.

weekend appears everyone had a damn good time this past weekend and lots of peeps spent it on the bike...awesome ! stories or comments from you ? Wuz up ?

Me and the fam-dam-ily headed up northe on friday morning to hook up with some friends and to attend the wedding of my good pal Matt H....we decided to take the route less known and headed along hwy 200 and thru towns made famous by the uni-bomber ( Lincoln), up and over Rogers pass and then follow the eastern rocky mountain front along hwy 87 and thru very cool towns like Choteau, Browning and Babb...babb also known as east glacier was a pretty cool 1 bar and 1 restuarant town. Browning was the center for the blackfoot reservation, which appears to be one of the most beautiful that i have stumbled across...their land rich in resources. I'd love to spend more time in browning.

So after a night in babb at the St Mary lodge we were off to the wedding which was inside the closed gates of the park. The drive in was spectacular to say the traffic and the fall colors helped. The wedding was one of the most beautiful that i've ever been to and it felt good to take part.

After the 30 minute ceremony all parties made the 2 1/2 hour drive back around to the kick-ass town of whitefish, and up the gondola to Big Mountain to attend the reception. 10pc band, an open bar that alsted all night and a whitefish overlook made a damn near perfect night.

a few pics of the weekend:
Sunday, October 9
Man! I'm sittin' here in a long sleeve and long pants and I'm shivering after being outside in the rain! Winter is starting to hammer down on us. We rode this morning, leaving at 7am to beat the weather. Forecast called for PM rain turning to snow.

Last gasp.
Yesterday might have been it for the year up on the really high stuff. Big day, started with a singletrack climb, followed by a gravel road climb for 5 or 6 miles, followed by a rocky technical steep jeep road up, same jeep road down the other side, and then nice piece of epic singletrack to cap the day. I included some pics of relics of the past, and the weather report. It's raining pretty steadily here already.