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Monday, October 24
my weekend

well i skipped both x-races and the omaha pub crawl. bad me i know. but i did get a ride up to omaha yesterday. rode with the wolf to wabash and then on north by myself. this shot is just north of louisville on the mopac trail that connects louisville to springfield. it's a little more out of the wind then riding on hwy50 but the north wind was certainly there. once i turned east on capeheart road then i had a crossing tail wind which was pretty kind.

how did the rest of your ride go there wolfman??
Blogger debaser said...
Looks nice. I would have loved that when I lived in Papio, if i rode bikes back then.

Blogger mw said...
it's just a short piece of the mopac that isn't connected at either end. from the south you have to ride on the shoulder of 50 from the hwy at platte river state park and the same with the north end (on 50) until you get to gravel to the east. but there are no shoulderless stretches unless there is construction, which there is currently which makes it a bit nerve racking for a few hundred feet.

Blogger Wolfman said...
it was windy in the open areas between elmwood and eagle, otherwise, peaceful with zepplin all the way home. i did make it hard on myself and kept an ave. hr. @ 168. it was nice to get out and hammer a bit!