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Sunday, October 16
Lap 1: Broken chain.
Lap 2: Night lap.
Lap 3: Night lap, ate shit.
Lap 4: Looking forward to post-race recovery diet.

Post-race recovery diet: Bologna sandwich & beer.

Blogger redstone said...
How'd it go for you? That's not too much blood for 24 hrs - good job!

Anonymous posthole said...

Thanks for the great effort this weekend. You pulled out a great last lap! There is no way i could have pulled out a fourth lap yesterday. As soon as the pain of this 24 hour of Moab wears off, lets plan for it again next year.

There was nothing more fun than riding that course at night. Very technical and I endo hard at the five mile marker. Tore my rear der up and out to a vertical position. I had to convert my bike to a single speed granny by cutting the chain. It made for a long ten mile trek out. I could not spin faster than gravity could pull me on the downhills. I had a blest the entire weekend.

HeyTodd Rocks!!!

Blogger bdiddy said...
Way to go fellas!

Hey Ganz


Blogger debaser said...
I was going to post some pics, but after weeding out the bads ones i still had 17. I'll try to get it down to a few less by tomorrow. So many stories...

Blogger mg said...
heh heh heh... you said weeding out.

it's good to see some guys taking things a little more recreationally. i always end up being too serious at races like that to have a super good time.

africa unite mon! i 'n i ja brother.

Blogger debaser said...
That jersey aparently makes me go fast. And it was $10 so lay off already!

Blogger mg said...
hey dude... i wasn't doggin'. you know i'm as rasta as the next guy.