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Tuesday, October 4
Due to popular demand! Notice the 'lots o'links' look to this bike vs. the Edison. And a nice parts pick. Hopefully mg could live with this color...

Blogger debaser said...
Did I fail to mention the 50 degree temps and rain?

Blogger mw said...
who's bike? the color is dope. are there any real differences between this and the bikes we saw in fruita?


we have to do a spring trip again. same place, ride from camp. explore the shit out of the rabbit valley and that zion curtain shit.

Blogger redstone said...
Good looking bike - does it come with an ICT sticker? heh heh.

Let me know how you like those tires. Heard good things, etc. Expecting a full report after some more time in!

Blogger debaser said...
No TNT sticker, if that's whachyer wondering. I hear they've talked to the special ed folks and are good to go in the US.

Trip to Fruita? Plan on it. More of the Western Rim. I'll ride that one days in a row. Kinda like Wilderness, with a view, ok, maybe not.

This is the little travel bike, which also sports the links in the rear. The Edison in Fruita was (and is) a single pivot.

Blogger mg said...
hell yeah i could live with that color... way better than the orange (and this from an orange bike ridin' fool)!!

mic, where do i sign up?

Anonymous posthole said...
mg. the sign up sheet is here. come and get it!!!!

I posted a longer statment under the great photo of me selling to red barn. Check it out. The Golden Willow is a four bar and we are good with the big S. we met with them before bringing in a shipment. we have to keep friendly with the big guys. so far, they have been good to work with.

this bike comes with 120 mm in the rear and either 135 or 150 in the front. longer top tube than the edison and more of a xc feel to it. not the lightest xc, but definetly the most versitle. it is a little beefy because we found people still beat it up on the dh with the double crown and all.

Keep riding my friends. Finally, i can too. It has been many weeks for me since i had to work and prepare for interbike. whoever said you can ride when you work in the industry was full of crap.