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Monday, October 17

Unexpected hooky day from work. Rode with to Omaha with my GB GK? He said we had to stop by and check out Olypia cycles. I was all for it. Armed only with a cell phone camera and a handful of loot from the swap meet could only mean trouble! Olympia was purdy cool if you like Bianchis and you could say i kinda like em. I bought a couple of things a pair of NOS deerhead shifters and a set of cross country skis poles and boots. Ski package came to a grand total of $30 bucks the boots are brand new like back in the 8 2 ! I'll be rockin the bamboo poles this season. I know this stuff wasn't top of the line whenever it was made but i'll be ready for the snow to fly this year. I won't have to spend like $250 to go skiing like 5-10 times. I'm happy :) We also stopped by and said Hello to MOD on the way home. I think he was on the phone hammering of some details for his costume for the Omaha pub crawl. See you there buddy!
Blogger debaser said...
Bamboo poles are cool. I've been using mine for about 10 years now.

Blogger debaser said...
big ger pic tures please!