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Monday, October 24
rainy day projects

i know its not bike related but it sort of is...i didn't have any excuses on saturday for not working on my bathroom project. and with my hopes for a noon time ride spoiled, i got a lot done. tub reinstalled and plumbed and got my sink counter installed. i had the tile work done previously. i just had to mount it to the wall and get the legs placed and anchored to the floor. this baby is rock solid now. you know the old rule, if you can't have sex on it then its not strong enough. next step is to grout my backsplash and finish the painting. then set the sink and plumb it.
Blogger Wolfman said...
very nice job there W! i might have to hire ya' for my bath remodel downstairs!! is that actual brick work there or plaster?:-)

Blogger mw said...
yeah. hit me for idears. i owe you something!

my inspiration on this sink was something that looked more like furniture then a vanity cabinet.