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Saturday, October 22
One early, one late
Two rides today. Up pre-dawn to Lyons for a ride with Dave and Squeeky (first 6-pack I've seen), here they are riding the step in the rock garden. Later Pablo and I rode the bitch, where a new connector's been added. It goes past this old cistern that's pretty deep. That big silver cylinder at the bottom of it is the size of a water heater. I can't imagine the parks people will leave it open, so I snapped some photos.

Riding bikes is good. Now I'm tired.

* Update *

Woke up this morning feeling lazy, didn't want the hassle of dricing, etc, so I did the bitch again today w/Zana. Rode the single. I had fun. Anyone else have fun this weekend?

Blogger mw said...
lucky dog. we had rain all day. i had to settle for a spin around town. ouch. oh well. might hit the gravel roads up to omaha again today on my fixie. or SS. need to make up for some lost saddle time tho. i did make some serious headway on my bathroom remodel tho.

Blogger redstone said...
Great shots there Debaser. Did you catch what happened to Squeaky on the way back down the rock garden?

I had let up a little for him to catch up and was just rolling along. I said something to him and he replied with, "Come on, I'm right on your tush." I thought that was a pretty funny comment so I quit coasting and started riding. I think it was shortly after that that he wrecked trying to follow me. heh,heh. funny guy, he was.

Thanks for coming up to ride Debaser, it'd been too long!

Blogger debaser said...
He didn't wreck, but he wasn't on trail - about 30 feet off on the downhill side, rubber side down. I came up on him and chuckled, after all, Pablo goes off trail all the time so I didn't think twice. He mumbled something about "taking a creative line."

Blogger mw said...
cistern eh? used for filling steam engines way back when??

Blogger debaser said...
Probably used for the mines, this area was a big(ish) coal mining area 100 years ago. The new connector gives some different views of the remnants, it looks like that cistern was feeding a mill below it on the hill (out of the pic) and yes, an old rail line went through there too.

Blogger Chaybo said...
great pictures ganz....i dig the action shots.