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Wednesday, August 29
State line

and some weekend riding pics
Wednesday, August 22
i'm loving it...

thought i'd let you fellas know i'm loving this bike. orginally built it fixie. i have ridden it freewheel stylee, and it makes more sense sometimes. but overall the bike is funner fixie. slower, i think, but funner. maybe not funner but sometimes its really fun. the rear dropouts are horizontal with no tensioner and the wheel has yet to slip, at all. the drop bar is comfy but you still get the shit pounded out of you when the going is rough, rooty and rocky. can't get around that. stupid rigid bikes. 3 good handpositions in the drops so you can move around to relieve any pain. or atleast move the pain over a larger area. pain. fun. more fun than pain.
Sunday, August 19
Umm dear bought a bike pt Deux

Most of you guys know that I've been looking for one for a long time. Well, it showed up on Friday :). Took it out for it's maiden Lyons voyage today. I hit a bit of singletrack, some dirt roads, crusher fine paths and paved roads. Good stuff.
Saturday, August 11
Um, dear, I'm sorry, but I just bought a bike.
Got out of the garage before 7:30 on the local ride, And I knew it was a good day when I was riding the High Plains trail and High Plains Drifter came up on random. About 3 blocks from home, I noticed a road bike locked up with a sign attached, rubbernecked, and saw $125? The owner was out, we chatted, I test road, he said he'd take a hundy for it.

Sure, it's nothing special, Tiagra, a bit of 105, and some cheaper parts, but I don't really like road riding for much more than commuting, so its perfect. The curse of the blue bikes is back.

Wednesday, August 8
More Breckenridge Photos...

Jr Kline and MW on the CO trail at Georgia Pass...

More CO Trail...
Tuesday, August 7
Long live long rides
Saturday worked out just about right. Secret flumes, a steep Jeep road that had even mw pushing, and one of my top 5 sections of the CO trail all wrapped up into one six hour ride.

4 hours of riding, a half hour of pushing...

And there's a minivan up here?
Monday, August 6
Breckenridge Big Ride...

On our way to Georgia Pass - Breckenridge, CO - Aug 04, 2007 - mk

more photos coming...
Family ride
How do you bait a 6 yr old into riding a whopping 15 miles ??? Tell'em ALL about the tunnels and old bridges along the old HIAWATHA TRAIL !! Caelen rockin' the spiderman bike.

thanks guys

thanks for the great riding on thurs and sat to all that were there. hoping to see more pics from the pic takers. it was fun riding and swaping places all day.
Thursday, August 2
You don't see these guys on gears very often. Didn't seem to slow down the smiles out there today.