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Saturday, August 11
Um, dear, I'm sorry, but I just bought a bike.
Got out of the garage before 7:30 on the local ride, And I knew it was a good day when I was riding the High Plains trail and High Plains Drifter came up on random. About 3 blocks from home, I noticed a road bike locked up with a sign attached, rubbernecked, and saw $125? The owner was out, we chatted, I test road, he said he'd take a hundy for it.

Sure, it's nothing special, Tiagra, a bit of 105, and some cheaper parts, but I don't really like road riding for much more than commuting, so its perfect. The curse of the blue bikes is back.

Blogger redstone said...
Nice one. Did the guy ever ride it? Hundy got you a pretty decent ride.

Blogger debaser said...
Dude says he raced a few triathalons, must not have been a gram counter leaving those reflectors on. Pretty good shape all around.