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Thursday, March 31

I have not thrown up a where is this located pic lately.
Wednesday, March 30

Record setting crowd for the Huskers/Blujays baseball game (7200+). 10-2, Huskers. Posted by Hello

Came across hoss last night on the way home from a husker baseball game. The team was up 9 zip so we left and stopped by yia yia's for some pizza. yummy! Hoss your bike is cool i dig the minute 2. Looks like someones got a case of upgradeitis.
Monday, March 28

HAPPY B-DAY old timer !! My best bud turns eleven this month and i figured you wanted to know about it......hard to believe eleven years has past by so quickly. For those of you that don't know SPUD, well you're missin' out. Spud is a one of a kind masterpiece...i really screwed up taking the nuts from this fella...i coulda been sellin' spud pups for a $1000 each, i feel better by saying the humane society made me do it !!!! . BUT , i'm sure a few could argue against me on this one....ask Mrs Kirk about his puppy years, or ask my mom about the crap in the yard (sory mom, but that's what dog's do). Spud has even had nine lives or round about...Mcneil baited him with a box of rat poison...the blue lips were a dead give away, but a charcoal treatment saved his ass....falling through the frozen pond at Pioneers couldn't take him either, nor could a severe alergic reaction to pollen (and he still owes mic j for keeping him medicated while we were on vacation), countless near misses on farm roads... and who knows what else. He's traveled and warmly accepted numerous road trips( he loved the bike races, but mostly raiding other vehicles for snacks). A couple of new homes, and the birth of our three children.....yep, our ol' boy he's endured the life of a 77 year old man....Happy b-day spuddy, we love ya !! feel free to leave your fondest memory.
So... Anyone want to head to Fruita this weekend? Posted by Hello
Sunday, March 27
Headed up to Horsetooth with the DeMins. A little wet, not muddy, super fun. Mic rockin' the dh.  Posted by Hello

it wasn't because of the sign, wilderness is still wet. started off with coffee with bdiddy this morn'. got me so wired i couldn't sit around and watch nascar so's i headed out from some milage on the road and bike trails. ended up in pioneers, tried to find some uncracked (did he say crack?) eggs hopefully with some cash for some bike stuff.... no luck. my luck was in the great weather. that's what i'm talkin bout!!  Posted by Hello
Saturday, March 26
Today's road route

thanks for the ride fellas. bdiddy, mw ,daverill, mg, and hightop. we took a break at B.O.lake but hightop had to do some intervals while we drank 'Pimp Juice' and ate morning doughnuts. how was the pimp juice? Posted by Hello
Friday, March 25

Did someone say Happy Hour? Posted by Hello
Ricky Racer!

Here is an example of the effects of installing a 66 mm travel fork onto a bicycle that is not suspension corrected. You can clearly see in this picture that the increased HT angle has caused the sole of bigmech's shoe to structurally fail! hee hee hee This is a pic from Bigmech's first MTB race. Wolfman also raced his first race on the karocram and still pedals this bike from time to time with an 80 mm fork on the the front ya got her all choppered out. wolfman you should bring her back to her roots and put a rigid fork on the front end. Damn bigmech looks fast in this pic and look at the smile mountain bike racing has put on his face here!
Thursday, March 24

living rm ceiling 25'. Posted by Hello

convenient hellapad for a one man craft off the master bedroom. Posted by Hello

dead head fred...little nervous with heights!  Posted by Hello

bddiddy this is the house i was telling you about. it took fred and i two months to finish. 38,00 ft2 of drywall and 125 boxes of mud. it's covered head to toe with imported spanish and italian tile. sits on 22 acres boardered with 3 rail vinyl fencing.  Posted by Hello
80 mm travel forks?
Good morning blogladites!

Thought I would throw this out for opinion. Last fall i attempted to run a 100 mm travel fork on my bianchi. It seemed like i was constantly fighting steering and comfort issues that the fork introduced to the 80 mm frame design. I was a little bummed because the minute 2 was super plush. However the main trouble i was having was when i would get the fork up to what i consider higher speeds the change in the HT angle seemed to make the bike steer wide or slow basically off the trail at wilderness. When thats your main riding spot somethings gotta be fixed! So i've been running a rigid fork for about six months and it works purdy good in the park but its like a friggin jack hammer at platte! I gonna change it out just thought i would see what opinions were out there! mw i would definately like your input on white brothers!
Monday, March 21
That fine line between Mick and Mike caught on film. Posted by Hello

gettin' a ride in the ambulance. i heard he was up and moving in the ambulance. hope he recovers and comes back strong.  Posted by Hello

this is Joe McWilliams down on the pavement after a prem lap. man, he went down hard. i don't miss the pavement. Posted by Hello

went thru wilderness, saw MW going in as i was coming out. i was listnin' to Hendrix live at the BBC so i didn't get the chance to say an appropriate hi, whazzup? rode up to Pioneers and caught the last of the training races.  Posted by Hello
Sunday, March 20
Saw the ladies off yesterday morning, talked to the bdid for a few minutes, and packed up for a ride. I was planning on going pretty big, even broke out the hr monitor, left from boulder and started climbing. Felt pretty good, even thought the crushed limestone trail was soft and I had a headwind, I really felt like i was turnign the pedals pretty well. Anyway, I was heading up 4 mile canyon, and there's this benched in shelf trail that runs for maybe a mile or so above the road, on the southfacing side of the canyon. Things were lookging dry, so I decided to check it out.

As soon as I rode on the dirt for 30 seconds, I was hooked. Conditions went from perfect to snowy and back again a bunch of times. So, I wanted to spend some time there, and what better way to do that than explore a little. I know a little about the area, from other rides, but since it was mined pretty heavily 100 years ago, there are a lot of mine tracks that I'd never poked around on. I found a good one, took some pictures, but I'm not able to upload any pictures right now... so head to the link over at MTBR.

Got out on a social ride with Pablo and Matt Wester (he's the guy who went otb on Crosier last year). Green Mountain and Dinosaur ridge in Golden. Fun stuff, rode a new trail there too.

Finished off the weekend with a 1+ pound t-bone off the grill. Tasted like butter, damn it was good I could have eaten 8 or 9 pounds of it...

That's purty much it. My wife is home tomorrow so it's back to chores and lovin' and such.
Saturday, March 19
today at the shop
Well, I finally sold the Tracer. Made a customer out of the deal, too, so that was pretty cool. I sold the frame and fork used and built up a brand new bike around it for him. He was super stoked. There was a tear in my eye as it left. Kind of makes me sad with the Tracer sleeping at someone else's house now, but I'll get over it.

Anyway, had a pretty cool new customer today. Travis Brown and Walker Ferguson dropped in today. They both gave the thumbs up to Redstone - thought it was a pretty cool shop.

Travis (you know, Matt's friend Travis) says he's only racing about 1/2 a season this year. Knowing that he likes to ride technical stuff, I asked him if he had done much exploring around Lyons before and he said he hadn't. He gave me his email address to hook up on some group rides, though. He was stoked to hear about all the cool technical riding around these parts. Don't worry about the fest, though. He's aiming to win Iron Horse. Keep your fingers crossed.

So, he was riding a very peculiar bike, too. He was on a Fuel EX prototype - a one off, custome built for him. It had a 29" front and a 26" rear tire. 3.5" 29er Reba on the front and 4.3" travel in the rear. He said it was a super sweet ride and he's trying to convince Trek to make one for production. I asked him if the bike was photographable. "Ummm. Probably not. Not too many people know about this one." Sorry...
Thursday, March 17

We had these three bad boys in at work today for refueling. When they started up we could hear them deep inside the building. I decided to go check out the noise and brought the digi cam along. They sure were moving a bunch of air just sitting there! I've never seen a helicopter with in flight refueling capabilities.
Wednesday, March 16

Here's a cool Headbadge!
Today started off purdy good! Woke up without an alarm at the perfect time this morning. Me waking up without the the alarm turned to 10 and on some really annoying station and still hitting snooze like 6 times is purdy much unheard of for the B. Early enough to make my lunch and gather my stuff and comute to work without being in a hurry. Got to work and changed into my bunk polyester uniforms that we have to wear at work. Reached down into my left front pocket and its kinda crunchy? WOWWEEE the cleaning dude missed a 5 spot I left there!(That's a fin to the wolfman) I had a big smile all morning and almost instantly devised a plan for my five bucks. Afternoon mid commute Cup of coffee at the coffee house :)

Monday I got the ENO laced up to a Used Mavic X517 that I had sitting around. Kinda did it because I just happened to have spokes to match the hub/rim combo and uhhhhh not to steal a quote but "The money tree that I had planted has died!" Got her laced up and set the wheel in the truing stand to tension up after I got a freewheel. Walked by it about ten times and each time I would give it a spin and it would keep on spinnig even after I would leave the room. Purdy hub shiny spokes and nips then a dirty ass rim. It was killing me I just can't do it!

Sorry for the sidetrack but the details + the found five dollar plan kinda came together. Got a cup of Voodoo and was unlocking my bike and thought while i was down in the neighborhood. I should stop and pick up a 18 speed freewheel just in case i tensioned the ENO up and wanted to ride it. Stopped in the shop and nate was kinda busy. So i jumped on the DT spoke calculator and punched in all of the measurements of my rim/hub combo and then plugged in a couple of rims that were in stock down there. BINGO the mavic 519 will work with the same stuff i'll take it. Then got to talkin about how my road bars wern't very comfy nate suggested a bar he had their to try out. OK i'm game i'll give her a try! So i'm headed home probably a little later than melissa would have liked but i'm headed home. Problem is i have a 44 cm road bar sticking out of my pack and MTB rim around my shoulder its cool its only five miles home i can make it no problem! Around the corner I go and Clank Clank (pause peddling)Clank Clank hmmmmmmm rims gonna be a pain to ride home with. Get down the path and hit the bike path which is the longest straigh i've got with a head wind and whooooooooooooooo starts up. (the wind cutting across the open bar) + the Clank Clank = whooooooooooooooooo clank clank clank clank all the way home. I was making one hell of a racket! The whistling noise sure was something it was almost a howl.

Morale of the story:

It's not such a great Idea to commute home with large bike parts!!
Make Magazine looks pretty interesting. Yak shaving and steadicams in issue one.
Tuesday, March 15

a picture shared to me from a kiwi friend...a river boat takes them upstream 15 miles and then they take the river grade trail back into's that for a shuttle ride !!!  Posted by Hello
Stone Cold Lampin'perhaps someone could loan me a pair of tights to complete my winter training. went out with bdiddy and "the coach" tonight for a nice easy spin thru wilderness and JRA decided to show me a technique for blocking the inside lane. tore up my knee and amphibs and slighly messed up the left shoulder. paybacks a bitch!!!!!!!

This trip is coming up quick! I've talked to a few peps that are going and told them that i won't be able to make the trip:( I sure don't what to miss it! Well anyway take a bunch of pics and bring um back with even more stories. Everybody be safe and look out each other! Communication will be the key for a large group. I remember last year redstone and debaser had the hand held radios. That was a darn good idea guys! Here's a pic of the Book Cliffs to get even more excited for the trip!
Sunday, March 13

What the hell is this crap? Must have driven to close to Omahole! This energy drink was really for sale in Southbend i couldn't believe it. Well I had to get a can just show Melissa because would you beleive someone if the just told you? I've got a feeling I'm gonna have to mix something with it. Rollin' through the hood sippin' on gin and pimpjuice? Nelly's might have a new hit song!
JRA @ Platte!

JRA @ Platte! We took a chance that Platte would be dried out. Well it was dryer than a week ago. We were slide slide slippidy sliding on 001. Got out of there the trail was starting to thaw. To Ruthies point and the single track to the upper prarie were good and good. Then we got the sleeper of the day tha roller coaster! Damn that trail was dope and I thought it would be unrideable for sure. YUN2 not so good looked dry on the climb up but looking down the trail from the trailhead we decided to come back another day! Gully was good. Old side of the park was good. Rode for a couple of hours now I'm shelled!