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Tuesday, March 1

Got this cool picture of the wolfman. Man he looks fast just sitting there! Must be dreamin of the Fillmore? Yep he had the first ride on the free fillmore on Friday. He decided to put some Flat pedals on it and cruise it down to Yia Yia's with me and get a slice yep the local rules as long as they take the damn olvies off and replace with artichokes! We met up with the Magics and Mrs. Bdiddy and Sierra came down for a while to eat. Well we left the pizza joint and decided to stop and get some Fosters
thats Australia for Fillmore! We found some place just off of the bike trail to crack the brews and enjoy what was left of Saturday's great weather.

Sunday I got out on a three matt ride on road bikes. I always enjoy getting out and seeing their bikes on the road the road lite and the slim chance and the candy dip Croll just downright classics! Well the wind was blowing like holy hell coming from the Northwest. We made it to Malcolm and stopped to get a fix. Two nerd ropes were consumed in one sitting. I even tried some and they definatly make you faster. Are they banned by the UCI? We turned left at Malcolm and rode past Pawnee lake and meet up with the university team and road in on Van dorn did a lap in Pioneers parks. Man the headwind took it out of me had to take a little nappy when I got home. It was great to get the Bianchi out on the road I have been staring at it since I built the wheels all is good the Bdiddy Built wheels held up on the first ride!