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Saturday, March 26
Today's road route

Blogger Wolfman said...
that was a great route. i like going out into the nw wind, getting a tail wind to raymond and ceresco, if there was one, and then having another head wind out of the se heading back into lincoln!!

Blogger debaser said...
A ride like that would double the milage on my road bike right now. That's a nice route y'all picked.

Should stopped at Ernie's and relaxed in a recliner!

Blogger mw said...
north 14th was the only sketchy part. man that road needs a shoulder in a bad way. the cars thin out on the north end however.

rode singles with dave this morning. pretty nice this morning. no wind again.

Blogger Chaybo said...
dang fellas...i got a twang in my hammy just thinking about covering that kinda real estate.

nice work

Blogger redstone said...
Nice route fellas. That sounds like it was a pretty good route - bigger than I've done in a while.