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Saturday, March 5
Platte River not quite ready!

Nope! the trail wasn't ready today! We had a decent sized group and we were excited to get out to Platte river and ride our bikes! As we climbed up to 001 there is a spot where you get a good look at the trail YUN2 It looked greasy in the spots that didn't have standing water. We climbed up to the 001 trailhead and it looked greasy also. What a bummer! We all wanted to ride and we were there but ya just can't and even if you are thinking about it shouldn't ride the trails up there until they are ready. Like if you are leaving a rut then the trails arn't ready! We rode up and down the main horse trail climb and the outside far right climb they were getting quite a bit of sun and were dry. We headed back to the car packed up and headed home. It was a strange trip to platte river the national guard had a camp set up between the green bridge and the water pump at owens crossing? Never seen that before. 8-10 six man tents porta potties sinks water truck and big ass cargo truck. It was real strange. I came riding down from the parking lot and I'm like what the F............ Oh no W's taking over Platte river State park! Said hello to a group of 5 soldiers and ask them what the had going on and one soldier replied Land Navigation exercise. When we rode up to the top the back field you could see numbered flags at different locations. Strange that place is always interesting. Got a pic of Mrs. Magic here while we were riding back to the parking lot. Rumor has it shes gonna try some racin' this year! Good luck i think you'll do well.
Blogger mw said...
that sucks. i've got tomorrow planned to be there. darn. i was hoping to hook up with omaha butch.

we rode out early today and went to branched oak. did some trails there which were pretty good with some greasy sections. then we headed west to garland and then south past pleasant dale and over to denton. then we headed in and i had to end with heading south thru wilderness from the end of the pioneers paved trail. pretty good in wilderness with very few exceptions.

hope everyone got out. by the way ganz the new bonti jones xr tires are very nice.

Blogger Wolfman said...
it was real sad the trails were so wet still. i sure thought they would be dry by now. with the forcast for the up and coming week, being wet, i don't think platte will be ridable for some time. i did get thru wilderness on thurs. night by myself. it is amazing how fast one can be with the "boogie man" chasing ya'! it didn't matter that platte was all that wet, i still left there with a big smile since i was able to get past my fear and ride over that damn branch on that technical downhill with those nasty leaves. hey i know!, maybe next time i could break out my old fatigues from the army and we could go out and do some of our own land navigation training! never hurts to brush up those skills!!