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Monday, March 28

HAPPY B-DAY old timer !! My best bud turns eleven this month and i figured you wanted to know about it......hard to believe eleven years has past by so quickly. For those of you that don't know SPUD, well you're missin' out. Spud is a one of a kind masterpiece...i really screwed up taking the nuts from this fella...i coulda been sellin' spud pups for a $1000 each, i feel better by saying the humane society made me do it !!!! . BUT , i'm sure a few could argue against me on this one....ask Mrs Kirk about his puppy years, or ask my mom about the crap in the yard (sory mom, but that's what dog's do). Spud has even had nine lives or round about...Mcneil baited him with a box of rat poison...the blue lips were a dead give away, but a charcoal treatment saved his ass....falling through the frozen pond at Pioneers couldn't take him either, nor could a severe alergic reaction to pollen (and he still owes mic j for keeping him medicated while we were on vacation), countless near misses on farm roads... and who knows what else. He's traveled and warmly accepted numerous road trips( he loved the bike races, but mostly raiding other vehicles for snacks). A couple of new homes, and the birth of our three children.....yep, our ol' boy he's endured the life of a 77 year old man....Happy b-day spuddy, we love ya !! feel free to leave your fondest memory.
Blogger redstone said...
Hell yeah! Happy birthday Spuddog. I can't believe you buys have been together 11 years.

I still remember him taking a bagel right from some gals truck at Prairie Hills like it was yesterday.

Blogger debaser said...
How about playing fetch in the attic apartment? Tossing the ball downstairs to hear him racing down after it. Seems like I got paid back tho, one day my bike was stolen right from the porch!

Blogger bdiddy said...
Spud my man! I can't wait to see ya at the end of april. Happy b day. I am stuck one two thoughts about the ol spudster right now.

First story is one afternoon chaybo went out and bought a new coulombia fleece. It was fall out and getting a bit chilly for riding around campus and up parking garages and stuff. Well we got done riding and i suggest that we go back to his place and play some college football on playstion. Chaybos in but we need supplies! He gets his regular a pack of sunflower seeds and a spicey V8 and a pack of bubbalicious gum to chase of the stank from the seeds. Well while i was beating chaybo once again at college football he pauses it to go get some gum. All i hear is u little SOB. Here comes chaybo with his had sticking out of his brand new fleece. It seems that spud want that original flavor bubalisious in a bad way. There was now way a thin barrier of fleece was going to stop him from having it. I think chaybo trained him to use zippers after that.

Blogger magic said...
The funniest thing I remember about Spud is when we were hanging out at Chad's house outside and Spud is digging a hole in the yard to bury a tomato in. Not only was this funny but while he was digging he had the tomato in his mouth and he is barking at someone walking by all at the same time (barking with a tomato in his mouth, he didn't look too threatening). Spud is the best multi tasker that I know

Blogger bdiddy said...
The second thing i have stuck in my head is the morning after the the big october snowstorm. That storm downed a bunch of tress and knocked our power out. We stayed with the you guys and i remember waking up to spuddy squeezing his way into bed with us. It was like he was just checking in on us to see if we were all right!

Blogger Chaybo said...
chase....i still grimace at the thought of a bonking cyclist retreating to the car to refuel only to find his rations completely missing !!

My fleece !!! I forgot to mention that earlier..spud almost lost one of his lives after that event. Chewed his way right through the pocket...didn't even get the was still there completely mashed, and salivated. YUM !! Salivated gum anyone !!

only thing i don't remember quite clearly...IS Kirk beating ANYONE at plystation football !!!