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Wednesday, March 2
Good Day for a Ride!

Went out with hightop and bigmech today for a road bike ride. We all took the day off after the show last night. I'm glad I did it was perfect weather! We headed south on 77 and turned east on Firth road took that all the way to HWY 43 which was to my surprise not very busy at 2:30 in the afternoon on a Wenesday. We were on 43 into adams got a snack and headed west on hwy 41 then North S34B spur to East 1st Street which we followed East through Courtland and back to hwy 77 and back to hightops place. Thats for everyone that is following along in the nebraska gazetteer!

We stopped in Adams to refuel and hightop mentioned that it was easier to ask the people at the trails end cafe if you can use the restroom and get water the pop in next door to the grocery store for a snack. Sounded like a plan to me. I got my business in order and was walking out eyeing a pot of what looked to be freshly brewed coffee and an idea in my head about asking what kind of pie they had when i looked up to ask and notice the person in front of me was wearing a honker hanger t shirt! I looked to her face and was like TRISH what the heck are you doing good to see you! Yup Chaybo's little sis flying the honker hanger colors all the way down in Adams. It was good to see her and I think the other guys were a little jealous that I got a hug :) Nebraska sure seems small sometimes!

The ride ended up being like 4.5 hours 70 miles thats comes out to 14.9 smiles per mile. It was good to have bigmech out there on the ride hope to see more of you soon buddy!
Blogger redstone said...
Fun ride Bdiddy. thanks for the write up.

Blogger debaser said...
Nice way to be sick! I sorta miss the nice long road rides.

Blogger htop said...
now that i know someone at the super foods in adams, i will share my money with them. maybe we can use the bathroom now. good ride yesterday, also got to see the buffalo north of adams, ya!

Blogger bigmech said...
Ugh, the only reason it took 4 1/2 hours to do the ride is because Bdiddy and Htop had to wait up for me. That ride should spark something in me to start logging the miles and get ready for the season.

Blogger bdiddy said...
Yeah you put in somes dues yesterday! It was good to have you out there.