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Wednesday, March 2

Made the trip up to sokol last night for Modest Mouse. It was well worth the trip! This has to be the only band I have ever seen that had two drummer's. The played what seemed like the same thing sometimes and then they played different parts other times. Some cool thing that looked like a skinny bass? I was impressed with the effort and talent of the band and the energy the lead singer had. Two thumbs up!

Anyone wanna go to the North Mississippi Allstars @ the Rococo on Saturday with me?

We had a purdy fun group Hightop, bigmech, punky, mel and i sat up in the the balcony. Saw a bunch more peps from Lincoln You know who you are! Man I can't beleive how cheap it is to drink beer in that joint I ordered a round consisting of a bud light, rolling rock, gin and tonic and two highlifes for $14 bucks! That just seemed dirt cheap.
Blogger redstone said...
Sokol's a good place for shows. I've seen a bunch there back in the day. I'd go see NMAS with you if I was back in NE!

Blogger J.R.A. said...
Damn, sounded fun! I'd be up for the NMAS show, if you are serious. Sounds like a good time -SH