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Saturday, March 19
today at the shop
Well, I finally sold the Tracer. Made a customer out of the deal, too, so that was pretty cool. I sold the frame and fork used and built up a brand new bike around it for him. He was super stoked. There was a tear in my eye as it left. Kind of makes me sad with the Tracer sleeping at someone else's house now, but I'll get over it.

Anyway, had a pretty cool new customer today. Travis Brown and Walker Ferguson dropped in today. They both gave the thumbs up to Redstone - thought it was a pretty cool shop.

Travis (you know, Matt's friend Travis) says he's only racing about 1/2 a season this year. Knowing that he likes to ride technical stuff, I asked him if he had done much exploring around Lyons before and he said he hadn't. He gave me his email address to hook up on some group rides, though. He was stoked to hear about all the cool technical riding around these parts. Don't worry about the fest, though. He's aiming to win Iron Horse. Keep your fingers crossed.

So, he was riding a very peculiar bike, too. He was on a Fuel EX prototype - a one off, custome built for him. It had a 29" front and a 26" rear tire. 3.5" 29er Reba on the front and 4.3" travel in the rear. He said it was a super sweet ride and he's trying to convince Trek to make one for production. I asked him if the bike was photographable. "Ummm. Probably not. Not too many people know about this one." Sorry...
Blogger mw said...
bye bye tracer. wow. that is sad. that was a good bike for you. and mine was for me. but times change.

good post.

fruita is coming closer and closer. rode to platte and a lap and back yesterday and today i am hurtin. ouch.

Blogger Chaybo said...
i knowwhat you mean Dave....some fella in north carolina owns my old Ventana and i almost had a tear swell up in my eye when he brown truck picked her up. Damb that frame was good to me.

sound like you had a damb good saturday..sold the tracer, had a couple of celebs walk in. And you got to peek at some proto-type crazy stuff...didn't cannondale try something like that about 15 yrs ago ?

Blogger debaser said...
I was sure the best part of Dave's day was "engineering" a solution to mount that beast up to the railing on the deck.

Looked good as I was leaving last night!

Blogger debaser said...
New picture of the shop looks good.

Blogger mg said...
nice post davey -- at least the tracer is still close-by, and you're still the one givin' it the love at the workbench.

next time you see my buddy trav., tell him i said hi. :-} you should get him out to fruita with that bastard 'niner he's riding. i've run the 29/26 setup on my klein attitude, and it was actually very sweet... the only real downside is the need to carry two tubes, but with the size of pack i carry these days, that's not really an issue for me...

... dreaming of fruita. it isn't long now!


Blogger bdiddy said...
Good to hear that you sold the tracer! Cool that its nearby. Its always cool to be able to see a bike that use to be yours. It always makes me smile anyway:)

Customers? What did they buy? I got a few guesses of my own.

1. 2 cans of Pimpjuice
2. chim chims (bar end brake levers)anodized violet
3. Bassworms if ya don't stock them you should! you remember the things that went over the der cable to increase the return spring tension when peps would run gripshift with shimano.

Just kidding had to be just a little exciting to have a couple of pros step into the shop!

Blogger debaser said...
That does explain the "oh it's just you" look on his face when I popped in.