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Wednesday, March 16
Today started off purdy good! Woke up without an alarm at the perfect time this morning. Me waking up without the the alarm turned to 10 and on some really annoying station and still hitting snooze like 6 times is purdy much unheard of for the B. Early enough to make my lunch and gather my stuff and comute to work without being in a hurry. Got to work and changed into my bunk polyester uniforms that we have to wear at work. Reached down into my left front pocket and its kinda crunchy? WOWWEEE the cleaning dude missed a 5 spot I left there!(That's a fin to the wolfman) I had a big smile all morning and almost instantly devised a plan for my five bucks. Afternoon mid commute Cup of coffee at the coffee house :)

Monday I got the ENO laced up to a Used Mavic X517 that I had sitting around. Kinda did it because I just happened to have spokes to match the hub/rim combo and uhhhhh not to steal a quote but "The money tree that I had planted has died!" Got her laced up and set the wheel in the truing stand to tension up after I got a freewheel. Walked by it about ten times and each time I would give it a spin and it would keep on spinnig even after I would leave the room. Purdy hub shiny spokes and nips then a dirty ass rim. It was killing me I just can't do it!

Sorry for the sidetrack but the details + the found five dollar plan kinda came together. Got a cup of Voodoo and was unlocking my bike and thought while i was down in the neighborhood. I should stop and pick up a 18 speed freewheel just in case i tensioned the ENO up and wanted to ride it. Stopped in the shop and nate was kinda busy. So i jumped on the DT spoke calculator and punched in all of the measurements of my rim/hub combo and then plugged in a couple of rims that were in stock down there. BINGO the mavic 519 will work with the same stuff i'll take it. Then got to talkin about how my road bars wern't very comfy nate suggested a bar he had their to try out. OK i'm game i'll give her a try! So i'm headed home probably a little later than melissa would have liked but i'm headed home. Problem is i have a 44 cm road bar sticking out of my pack and MTB rim around my shoulder its cool its only five miles home i can make it no problem! Around the corner I go and Clank Clank (pause peddling)Clank Clank hmmmmmmm rims gonna be a pain to ride home with. Get down the path and hit the bike path which is the longest straigh i've got with a head wind and whooooooooooooooo starts up. (the wind cutting across the open bar) + the Clank Clank = whooooooooooooooooo clank clank clank clank all the way home. I was making one hell of a racket! The whistling noise sure was something it was almost a howl.

Morale of the story:

It's not such a great Idea to commute home with large bike parts!!
Blogger debaser said...
You find a hundred dollar bill somewhere between work and mwc? Btw, expecting a FULL report, asap!

Are comments taking forever for anyone else? wow...

Blogger redstone said...
I did that once when I lived in Boulder. I had 2 rims that I had to get from Matty's house in S. Boulder all the way to downtown. I figured, what the heck, it only is about a 15 minute ride, eh?

Mistake. Man, carring rims on your shoulders on a bike is good in theory, but in practice, it just doesn't work out so well. I feel your pain bdiddy.