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Thursday, March 31

I have not thrown up a where is this located pic lately.
Blogger scott showen said...
i have gone through there before but i cant remember where its at... maybe A street between 1-10th streets.. i donno

Anonymous Anonymous said...
8th and Van Dorn, goes under Van DOrn. What the hell does Van Dorn mean anyhow? Dutch for "from dorn" or something?


Blogger bdiddy said...
yup thats it!

Its really sketchy but fun if there is no broken glass.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Van Dorn, WRONG, That's further down the Salt creek path North of O street on your way to the Salt Dog Stadium, right by the train yard, (you get your meth there, or crack at night) super sketch, and then you gotta turn into a dirt driveway west to get back to the trail. some construcktion parking lot style.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Nah, that's like 2nd and 'M' on the Salt Creek Bike Path. Just south of 'O' street west of the Cop Shop Garage. Awsome creepy neighborhood.

I think there's some hillbilly's and moonshine in that neck of the woods.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Fuckin' CVO sketched me out. I was looking in the phone book for an exact street location and he snaked me.

Fuck you CVO.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
I was reading van dorn and i was thinking capital parkway bypass. It is almost right under the bypass. it is definatley sketch!