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Monday, March 7

These guys were worth every penny. I have been trying to catch their show for two years. I will travel to go catch them again. The bass player was pretty talkative and i think what he said was funny? About all I could make out was that he was happy to be in nebraska and he liked whiskey. He was speaking with a southern accent at speeds even magic wouldn't have been able to decode! He also requested his sound guy to bring him three shots of Jack Daniels. I was throughly entertained i hated to get up from my seat even to go to the can. JRA and i went down to around the bass player after the show to see if we could understand him up close. Nope! he was hugging chicks like crazy we didn't get any closer than the dude would have been able to fall. If your gonna give them a listen i like their shake hands with shorty album but I have three albums if you want some come get some!
Blogger Chaybo said...
where was the show ?

Blogger bdiddy said...
It was at the Rococo Theatre in the Stuart building. It was completely refurbished a few years back and they have been getting a few good artist to come around these parts. Next time your back we maybe we can catch a show there!