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Thursday, January 6
New Digs
Super stoked and more than a little freaked out, we picked up and moved shop between Xmas and New Years. Opened for bidness in the new spot on the last day of 2010. Still in Lyons, further uptown to a major intersection, big lot, etc. And the worlds smallest bike shop is in the back yard!

We kept our bar and expanded the work area to accommodate 2 stands with full steel benches, etc.

The building is an old service station, later turned into a gas station/quickee mart. Full row of coolers in the back like you'd see in a quickee mart. We used 'em.

In the other cooler, we hose clamped a sheet of gridwall in so I can use hooks to hang tires & stuff.

If anyone wants to come out, I'll throw a party :)
Tuesday, January 4
Its been like this.