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Thursday, March 17

We had these three bad boys in at work today for refueling. When they started up we could hear them deep inside the building. I decided to go check out the noise and brought the digi cam along. They sure were moving a bunch of air just sitting there! I've never seen a helicopter with in flight refueling capabilities.
Blogger debaser said...
You must be dragging that camera all over the place. Isn't it amazing how different commercial and military aircraft sound?

Blogger bdiddy said...
Nope we have a 5 year old olympus for important things just like this! My new personal cam is just a little bigger than my cell phone so I do bring it with me most of the time.

Blogger Wolfman said...
that's because they aren't capable of in flight refueling operations. when i was serving our country proud and went through airborne training you actually had to shimmey out onto to the end of the "parachute unassist shaft",or PUS pole as we used to call it and parachute off those at night 2500 feet in the air. it was pretty darn scarey but the rotor wash would naturally force you downward so you would not fly back into the ship or blades.