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Friday, January 20
Pugsley Ride = Good

Night ride tonite on the pugs's with Gager. 2 hour slidding around in the snow and man was it so much friggin fun....The climb was good, kinda slow, but traction was at a premium. We climbed up skalkaho pass for about hour and a half and then turned it back around and man Gager was just flying...i could have used goggles for SURE.

Fun shit !
Blogger Chaybo said...
the first picture is at the skalkaho parking.

second picture is of Dan figuring out that 10 psi = good

third picture is of a very fucking snowy road

fourth pic is of my homie gager.

Blogger debaser said...
Skanky ho?

Blogger redstone said...
Damn dude, that does look like some fun shit! If you climb an hour up Skalkaho, do you reach the waterfall? I bet that would've been sweet at night in the winter snow.

How do the Pugsleys ride? Can you rock out on them or do you just have to float?

Blogger mw said...
sounds like a good time. seiler has been enjoying his on rides and commutes to work.

Blogger Chaybo said...
actually heading out on them again this moring with Rick...we're gonna try to make it into this kick ass little cabin caled Hogans. It's a jaunt so we'll see how it goes.

Ganz....yep that's the ol' skanky-ho're gonna have to experience it first hand to understand. Dave made his first decent into the bitteroot valley from this should you.

Gager....check out the moab picture below this post...he's the one in the red jersey. is a barrell of fun. The climb up and the speed at which you go is totally dependent on the conditions of the snow. Places that the snowmobiles have seriously chewed up the trail the going was little ring, but the flatter sections (there are no flat section going up sklakaho)you could literally haul ass in the middlering. Coming back down was a different story....i should have had goggles on because we were just hauling ass, you had to be on your toes because every once in a while the front tire would catch a rut left from the track of the sleds and your bike would try to slide loose....which was still way fun. When we got back to the truck, Dan asked....."so how much is one of these"