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Thursday, January 26
Finally got out on the bike post-work last night. Most folks in these parts like to get out around 7 for nightrides, but I'm out of work three hours before then most days, so I like to head out earlier. Last night I headed home for some local stuff solo style, and I'm aiming to get out tonight with some folks around 5:30.

I'm in the middle of a 12 day stint of work. Saturday morning, I'm headed to NYC for a weeklong trade show. I should be able to get around a bit and check some sights at night. Traveling is good, but a week is too damned long.

(more pictures via the title link)
Blogger mw said...
the pics on the linky are great. you can turn a post work ride into a memory worth treasuring. that's sweet. and the fog pic that some dude posted at the bottom is killer.

Blogger debaser said...
Last night ended up fairly big - I got about 2 1/2 hours ride time, 8 people, etc etc. Best part tho was getting home and seeing that my wife had my dinner ready!