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Thursday, January 12
a few pics to share

Took off out of here kinda early today for a little walk with intentions of damage control, yep the waist has been growing and growing all season long so today i tried to walk it all off. Unfortunately my legs gave out on me after about 4 hours.....spud and I had alot of fun though as we got onto some fresh elk tracks early on and eventually found a small herd of 40-50. So we sat behind a tree and watched them....spud was intent with sitting as well as his belly has gotten much bigger than mine. But anyway, we got fairly close to the group, close enough were i could distinctively make out the bulls in the group, and my guess is that there were at least 8 or 9 of them. One was a monster and he was nervous....i'm sure he felt our presence.

So spud and i eased on out and got back to our task.

Nothing else to report other than to note how cool it is to see all of the game tracks written in snow.

Blogger debaser said...

Makes me wanna get out at dusk more often.

Blogger Chaybo said...
The moon surprised me tonite....i took about 6 shots of that full moon shot and EVERY damn one of them came out with lots of fuzz. I guess i was hoping for better.

diddys camera phone took better shots. I say took, because i believe he's lost another to the crapper ! ha

Blogger redstone said...
Looks like a good night for a hike there Chaybo. That'd been fun to join in on that one.

Blogger sda said...
nice. lovin' the winter. just got back from a big trip myself. posted some pics of i took over at
cmlj's, yo. ifn' yer interested.

Blogger John Parker said...
Nice. I almost hit someone this morning who was stopped in the middle of the road over a blind hill looking at elk eating hay in a farmers field.

Here is from my ski trip with my brother jesse and friends I just took. 16" at Jackson almost made it worth the money, and the backcountry was good in all states.

Blogger htop said...
i love the story, reminds of when i would go out with my black lab, her and i would spend the days wondering out in the country.