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Monday, January 10
2005 Turner Flux

2005 Turner Flux Posted by Hello
Blogger debaser said...
Nice Ellsworth sticker.

Isn't that a little too big to be Kirk's?

Blogger Chaybo said...
you must be talking about the ICT sticker ?? Wish i would have patented those three letters !!

Yep not only is D. Turner paying licensing fees to Specialized for the horst link, he also has to suck Tony Ellsworths dick also for the 'instant center tracking'. BS !! we know why his frames cost $1800

Blogger bdiddy said...

Take about twenty-five of the headset spacers off and it would fit me fine!

Blogger Chaybo said...
oh yeah true dat ... but you would still have that fucked up looking hump in your back !!!

Blogger Chaybo said... that i've cooled off about the spacer comment i sincerly apologize for the hump in your back comment ;)