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Monday, January 10
it's too cold to ride

it's too cold to ride so how about a little more bike porn ??? What you're looking at is a little T.E.T. love for B.K.'s tiger striped Croll. Hopefully Brian will share a picture with us once he finishes up the build...please !! Wish i owned a tiger stripe. Posted by Hello
Blogger debaser said...
Mmmmm... Bike porn. Looks nice, in a low res sorta way. Yeah, tiger stripe is the bees knees.

Get that thing together! I want some feedback on the eno!

Blogger bdiddy said...
Oh my God! Suspension corrected just the way I like it Baby!

Blogger Chaybo said...
left click on that biatch !!

Blogger debaser said...
Hmmm... I'll have to get to work on some bike porn I've got layong around. One of my projects got off the ground. real old skool.

Anyone want a non-corrected Mongoose rigid?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
What up guys. Schmidt ratted your blog out @ LBC the other night. Looks good, lots of pics rule. ENO hubs are sweet, I assume your talking about the eccentric one? It works well, and builds up nice too.


Blogger htop said...
i had the croll roadbike repainted. remember, it was the blue fade into grey. it is now red with white panels, a totally new bike. i will try to get pics up sometime. top

Blogger htop said...
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Blogger bdiddy said...
Sam it's cool to see ya on the blog! Hopefully we can keep this thing filled up with pictures about whatever.

Hitop get some pictures of that bike ASAP. Share the love!

I can't wait to my hands on that fork. It's confirmed the fork is in transit. Maybe in time for the run-bike-run this weekend anyone have any details on that?

Bring the crolls out of the darkness and ride them my brothers!!!

Blogger Chaybo said...
Welcome Sam .... how's LBC these days...everytime i hear about JAy it's in the same sentence with opening ANOTHER bikeshop !! Busy boy ... tell him i said hello...wish i had a photo scanner cuz i got some really sweet pics of MR. Thomas from the olden days...sportin neon lycra and an RS-1 on his mtb, racing up at lewis and clark back when they only had two divisions.. A's (fast guys), and B's (slow guys). Anywho...feel free to contribute anytime.

Blogger bdiddy said...

Went to rent a set of skis and missed the mail person! I'll be waitin outside the door of the post office waiting for them to open! Bike goodies all trapped inside the post office all night only blocks away.

what a bummer or not!