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Tuesday, January 18
Cold and Quiet
Welp .... another weekend went by up here in the Bitteroot. Cold and quiet...seems to be a town that hangs up their bikes during the winter and opts to ski. Bad for business, but it's great for the soul. Taking a step back occasionally really reminds me how much i really love being out on a bike, spending the day on a trail, any trail. So saturday on snow packed roads i took the bike out for a much needed, quick 15 minute spin up a nearby hill. I'm quickly reminded how out of shape i am, but i labor on towards the top of this fairly steep climb that continues to rise for over a mile. My nose is already running, my hands and feet both of which are poorly insulated are already cold. I trudge on in my sneakers for at the top is a view that is worthy of a small fortune.......snow covered mountains that fill the horizon, frost covered trees, and my breathe are my surroundings. I hang out for a little while and soak up this very familiar view that i never bore of.

Down below is a house full of family, and the playoffs.....holy crap i forgot about the game(colts/patriots) !! So i rush back down, eyes watering, fingers half frozen. Park the bike and finally take my seat on the usual my kids mistake this as a chance to bum rush daddy.

Now where was i ???????

Oh yes...i remember...enjoy your ride !

Blogger redstone said...
Good write up Chaybo. This is a good time of year for short rides to keep you loving 2 wheels. I can see the mountains now.

What bike is that? You get something else?

Blogger John Parker said...
Yeah, you hit that one on the head. I might be trying to ride pipestone tomorrow, it is really warm here. I got rained on at work today.

My roomate has a friend visiting who is a bike messenger in Manhattan. He showed me some alleycat race videos here: Check out the lunatic in SF. Also notice that the guy with the helmet cam doesn't ever look both ways while running red lights like a mad man.