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Friday, May 16

Howdy 'Lampers. We're riding next weekend. It'd be great if any of you could make it out. Friday we ride at 2, back by 6 or 7 pm. Sat is the deathmarch. We'll have 2 different rides. If anyone can recall the first ever Lyons Fat Tire Fest, we'll be doing the same big ass loop. It's about 35 miles, lots of climbing and it will be raining (hopefully). We're meeting up at 8:30 am at the shop for that one. I'll be providing the breakfast and the beer on that day, :)

Thanks also for all the good words on the new shop and sorry I haven't been on Lampin too much lately. It's been pretty hectic out here. I quit my PI job (last day was 5/2) so now Mary and I are 100% self supported by our own businesses. Yikes. I gotta be honest. Honker Hanger was truly an inspiration. Miss all your mugs.