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Wednesday, May 31
Gersibs true calling.
Hanging out in the basement? Nope.
Chilling at the wrench? Nope.
Drinking sugarwater witha shot of coffee? Nope.


I hope for Laura's sake he doesn't end up with one of there at home.

Blogger Cornbread said...
That shit is fun and addicting. Be careful mg.

Blogger redstone said...
vids and a matching $1k espresso machine and he'll never leave home.

Blogger mw said...
thats a ticket straight to hell

Blogger mg said...
yeah i'd be a fat bastard pretty quickly if i had that setup. pablo must have a lot of discipline to not be a total home-bound espresso-swilling GT freak! that steering wheel/pedal setup is so freaking cool...

... speaking of which, I got pretty aggressive with the wheel one time trying to pull the car out of a slide/spin. pablo, is it working okay? i sure hope so!

i did get under the amateur record on one course on my 4th try at the track -- ever. maybe i do have a future as a car racer?!!

Anonymous Anonymous said... works, just has some cracks and pops. I havent had time to see if it is fixable, so I guess Ill let you know!

Blogger mg said...
well let me know if you wanna' seek replacement parts. i got a credit card on my, i sure do!!!