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Sunday, May 14
check them stats

4900' of climbing, 7900' of descending and 7 hours total = 2 tired ass legs.
Blogger debaser said...
Oh man, I'm feeling sorta lucky for calling mechanical where I did (everybodys got an excuse, that was mine). Another 3 hours of riding would have freaking buried me.

At least I got some FREAKing GOODness in today... That was some amazing trail out there.

Blogger mw said...
what gps make/model do you have/recommend?

don't make fun.

Blogger bdiddy said...
I think the legend is a good model that can be had on ebay new for about $100. It should have plenty of memory for someone that is going to clear it on the regular. Also thats the one that all of your peps have the topo's for!