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Sunday, May 21
Bdiddy earning a days wages

classic Schwinn Hollywood.....and in pink non the less. I think Wills would envy this bike. Singlespeed and pink...what else could a hippie ask for ?
Blogger debaser said...
hippys are wierd.

Blogger MOD said...
there's the legend!

I was wondering when we going to see some photos

I've been thinking about last years Ponca trip. You'll be missed bro

Blogger 3p0 said...
B diddy back on the blog, sweet.

Blogger Chaybo said...
three dollar pay raise if you turn that fu man chu moustache into the rollie fingers roll.

Blogger debaser said...
Hey bdiddy, the drivetrain is on the other side of the bike.

Blogger mw said...
man, a longhair can't even ride a pink bike around without being called a hippie. damm.