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Wednesday, September 20
a pic

finished up the new ride and i'm a happy boy.
Blogger debaser said...
hubba hubba hubba hubba hubba!

Blogger mw said...
looks nice.

Blogger head floor sweeper said...
damn nice chad, damn nice. when you getting kirk on one? you boys got yer crooked backs ready for some floor time at the excaliber?, watch out for Hoss, he gets lonely and likes to do some spoonin.

your pal

Blogger Chaybo said...
all it took was for you to mention crooked backs and you had ol' biddy speed dialing the Imperial Palace. Looks like we've got reservations for two in the last room available...the honeymooner suite. A heart shaped bed and walls of mirrors.
A bottle of Mad Dog, and a box of hershey kisses.

Blogger Jesse Parker said...
Ahh, sis optional shifters..