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Monday, September 10
Buffalo Creek!

Met S-house at Buffalo Creek on Saturday for a mountain bicycle ride. I've been hearing many good things about the Buffalo Creek trail system, and the trails exceeded their reputation. One word y'all - smooth, flowing, fun singletrack EVERYWHERE! Oh yeah, the CO Trail is part of the mix as well. The Buffalo Creek fire burned 11,900 acres in 1996. Part of the Buff Creek trail system runs right through the burn area. If perfect singletrack isn't enough, riding through a burn zone (on perfect singletrack) just makes this ride that much more interesting. Oh, and dispursed (FREE!) camping less than 1/2 mile from the CO Trail and multiple Buff Creek trailheads. My new favorite within two hours of Denver metro. I'm going back for more when the aspens are peaking - the more, the merrier!
Blogger debaser said...
And I thought I couldn't be any more bummed about missing it. Damn.