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Sunday, September 21
10 years
I knew it was getting close, so I checked out the title last week. On Sept. 22, 1998, I bought my Jeep with 10,008 miles. A few adventures later, with 135,000+ on the clock we're still going strong.

Blogger mw said...
congrats brian. the forester is 10 years old this year but we've only owned it for 8 or so. i thinks there's 147000 on the ticker. still will 4-wheel drift under the right circumstances.

Blogger sda said...
154,000 on the Tacoma. Somehow I've put 80,000 on that thing in 5 years. Too many trips to the mountains I guess. What a bummer ;).

Blogger debaser said...
I've only put 15,000 on the Jeep in 2 years. I was shocked at how few miles. We still use it for towing the camper a bunch, and weekend trips, and I commute in it 3-4ish days a week.