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Thursday, December 1
snowin' here

Well... i kinda wimped out a little bit today. I was suppose to go for a ride in the snow on the bridgestone, but the lure of a warm fire and a cold beer got the better of me. Looks like it's snowing in nebraski also. Hope your ride sessions are going better than mine.

Blogger Chaybo said...
6-8 inches of very light snow over night. And more promised within the next 3 days.

Looks like i'll be spending saturday here:

Anonymous John said...
It just keeps snowing over here too, every day for the last week. It looks like saturday for me will be getting towed into the bridgers on my friends snowmobile.

I did a couple of days at lost trail last weekend in between turkey dinners. I'll be back this winter for sure.

Blogger Chaybo said...
well...thanks for throwing that in my face JP.... getting towed in for some pow sounds just about perfect.

How was LT over the tday holiday ? I went the weekend before and brought a couple of went home with broken spirits and the other almost went home with a broken knee. It was epic.

Blogger John Parker said...
Sounds epic. I went on Friday and Sunday. Friday was good, but no new snow. I was impressed by the coverage there, better than anything here. Sunday was better after they got 8 inches in the last two days.

I bet it will be pretty nice this weekend. If you see 3 tall white haired guys on snowboards on saturday say hi for me.

One of my friends almost broke his kneecap at big sky yesterday, even after I was sworn not to hurt him. That mountain never seems to have the rocks covered up top

Blogger debaser said...
btw, the local beer store has a pallet of moose drool for sale.

Blogger Chaybo said...
damn..... that is saying something to have a micro brew make it down there and onto the shelves in the land of micros. When ever i walk into a beer store in boulder i always leave jaw dropped. The assortments and selection is mind boggling.

was the moose drool sold in bottles or aluminum cans ?