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Wednesday, December 7
happy bdiddy bday
Happy Day Brian. I drank a beer and stained some trim in your honor!
Blogger thad said...
happy birthday dude.

Blogger htop said...
happy birthday

Blogger head floor sweeper said...
happy birfday Kirk.

21 years old, woohoo, stop by the shop i'll let you by me a beer, wait, i'll by the beer.

your pal

Blogger insanet said...
Happy belated birthday. I went riding in wilderness in your honor. My toes about fell off.

Blogger bdiddy said...
Thanks for the well wishes everybody. Seems like the come and go a little quicker these days.

TH your the man! Who did you go out with? Give us the full on ride report please. I have a back up pair of riding boots you can borrow. Old school specialized style!

All i want for my B-day is a test ride on the pugsley .

Blogger debaser said...
"All i want for my B-day is a test ride on the pugsley."

I'm scared of anything that big. Or, I'm scared I'd want it.

Blogger head floor sweeper said...
come get it!

no problem.

your pal