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Saturday, March 4
Live from Salida, CO

Fergie o' Bionicon on a little ride today.

** Update **

Here's the rest of the series from that shot: Notice the 6x6 post that he taps ever so softly. The camera was shooting about 3 shots a second, so you can guess how fast it all happened.

Blogger mw said...

Blogger bdiddy said...
Way to capture the moment!

Blogger mw said...
don't look at the post!

Blogger mg said...
dang... nice ridin' fergy. when you were in the air, it looked all wade simmons-style.

good show!

Blogger mg said...
oh hey mic -- thanks for the call yesterday. gimme a shout when you get a moment.


Blogger Chaybo said...
nice series shot ganz. and mighty fine pole dodging mr. paul