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Sunday, March 5
picture share

kinda tired after an 80 hour work week, so i'll keep it short and mostly with pics. WE had a bunch of volunteers out at the barn this weekend helping out with NUMEROUS projects, with the major job of raising the celing an additional 6 ft, and taking down the old wall and installing the new timber framed support. Out with the old
Blogger mw said...
that's great!

nice joints!

Blogger bdiddy said...
Man I've been getting the play by play every evening. You just can't explain the joints without a pic. The barn is looking damb good!

Blogger Chaybo said...
thanks wills...i figured you'd have an appreciation of what went into them.

Blogger mw said...
i saw a house in louisiana that would have blown your mind. 1860's joint work on some of the beams he reused. he told me about the original house they were from. studs were 4x4's dovetailed into the sill and top plates. the sill and top plates were 4x12's. and this was all the walls, interior or exterior and it was a small house. built like a rock tho.

Blogger Chaybo said...
sounds purdy cool !

it's a lost art this day and age of the overnight development, stick framed houses. Where you can purchase a new house for less than an old ragged one.

wait till you see my counter tops ; ) and gabled entry...hehehehehehe

Blogger mw said...
you doing concrete?

i'm doing 12x12 granite tile.