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Sunday, March 26
4 weeks and NO biking for me : (

god damn...i wanna bike so bad i can taste it. But the crunch is on and it fuckin sucks, i'm tired, the hands are sore from lifting rough cut timbers, my delirium is screwed from standing on planks 10ft above my comfort level, and then after going 8 rounds i stand here, staring at the pile of tune-ups still left to do. Am i whining yet ? But anyway....we're getting closer and i'm beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Last night when we finished off the last bit of siding work and laying the wire mesh waiting for mondays concrete pour...well, i sat back cracked open the kokanee and damn near had to wipe away a tear from my eye. She's look'n good boys, and soon enough we'll be sharing a cold one, exchanging cheers of bike riding and to the upcoming spring. Later
Blogger debaser said...
That's some serious remodel work going on there! Still!

Blogger Chaybo said...
yeah, still is what it feels like.

she was a beautiful old barn Ganzel, but 90 years left somewhat feels good to know that the sweat that we're putting into her now will possibly insure that she'll last another 90.

Blogger redstone said...
Well put Chaddog. I can't wait to get up there, ride, have a beer, and commend you on your great work! Looks sweet so far!`

Blogger head floor sweeper said...
chad, man, what you've got there is truly a work of art, i bet it's good to have buddies in the know to help out.

i can't wait to see it when it's done,and then i'm pointing the truck your way to check it out.

all the hard work will be so worth it when you and kirk are arranging the bikes and new displays in the big room, then you'll sit back and be oh so stoked.

good work man,


Blogger Chaybo said...
thanks Nate !

Man, we just finished pouring a concrete slab that is 32 X 17 late last night...holy fuck, i feel lucky that i don't finish concrete for a living..that was some seriously hard work. Shoveling that sludge around for over an hour, then you're down on your hands and knees trying to make something out of rock and mud. It turned out pretty decently though, except for the side i was doing ... hahaha

i did install some flex hose underneath the concrete so i could use radiant heating. Should be interesting. did you paint your floor ?? Acid wash ?? Any tips for a rookie ?


Blogger mw said...
4wks off the bike. shit. i'd be going insane. work has got to get done tho and your a good person for caring for that building.

don't mess with the acrylic type floor washes if you've seen those. garbage. acid wash is the way to go as you get better penetration. and you get a more mottled look instead of intergal color in the pour. my vote would be for a clear sealer as i like the look/color of concrete by itself. and there are some bombproof sealers with or without the color below.

Blogger Chaybo said...
thanks for the advice wills, i was leaning toward the acid wash method, but am kinda uncertain aboutthe that you mention it the natural color of the concrete would be pretty cool, i'll check with the paint shop and see some chemical samples.

4 weeks...yes far too long, however i snapped the streak this evening by joining the tuesday night road ride, jesus those boys tokk it to me and my lungs were just raw. An effort on a semi flat road took place and it lasted all the way to the base of a climb that lasts for over two miles...needless to say my lungs and legs reminded me just how long of a time period that four weeks really is. I got DROPPED hard, but it felt nice to sit up and enjoy a beautiful 55 degree day.