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Wednesday, March 8

We went in to the hospital yesterday morning to induce labor for Mary and the baby. It seemed at the time to be a long drawn out process, but after the contractions kicked into gear, we had a new kid in no time! Allow me to introduce our newest daughter, and Zoe's little sister, Marley Allison Chase!

She was born at 3:45pm. 8lbs 12 oz (over a pound more than Z) and 21 inches long. She's healthy and all body parts are intact. Both Mary and Marley are doing exceptionally well. Hopefully, we'll be able to have the family all home from the hospital this evening. I'll update later!
Blogger debaser said...
w00t! Great news guys, and congrats!

Blogger sda said...
nice!! what a lil' cutie - congrats.

Blogger bigmech said...
Congratulations Dave and Mary. I am happy to hear about your new addition to the family.

Anonymous posthole said...
Good job daddy-o!!! We get to watch these girls grow up together and cause all sorts of havic. To the ladies!!!

Be well,


Blogger Chaybo said...
love you guys....take care of that beautiful wife good buddy.

welcome to the world marley.

Blogger mw said...


Blogger J.R.A. said...
Dave, Mary

Congrats. She's a cutie. Enjoy it!


Blogger magic said...
Hey Dave, Mary, and Zoe. Congratulations from Tara and I. Hope all is going well and we wish you guys the best. Mike.

Blogger htop said...

Blogger -kw said...
Thanks for sharing. Congratulations and good work.

Blogger mg said...
congratulations chase family!! i bet zoe is stoked to be a big sister now too.

my love to all of you,

Blogger mg said...
i see a lot of dave in her young face, where zoe looked like a little mary, in my recollection.

it's kinda' like the wills kids... talley got more of karen's facial features (certainly not a bad thing), but i see a lot more of mw's features in liem's face.

... the miracle of life. it's pretty cool. congrats again.