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Monday, July 4

riding ...looking out at the Selway/Bitteroot National Forest.
Blogger Chaybo said...
Fourth of July weekend ride took us into Idaho and on specifically the May Creek trail.

We took off from Chief Joseph pass and wound up along forest service roads for a few miles until we connected up with the trail ... a buttery smooth track that took us down about 1500ft and dumped us into the lower meadows...deep grass, lots of flowers, and lots of crystal clear springs. Ate lunch at a wide open clearing and mosy'd on over to cross hwy 43 and over to another series of meadows...Shoofly meadows. didn't see any shooflies but plenty of horse flies and mosquitos. Working our way up thru the meadows was a chore....knee high grass with hidden streams . Kinda crazy.....

The climb back up to the top of the pass was a mix of wide open trails and connecting one meadow to the next until we finally popped out at Hogans Cabin.

from here it was pretty much up hill on more forest service roads and the final leg a small portion of the divide.

a good ride with good company.....happy fourth of JU-LY to you all.


Blogger MOD said...
What up Montanites? Looks like you're havin' fun over the weekend. We had a good am ride at Plizatte Sunday followed by brunch at the lodge.

I'm finally figuring out who the hell everyone is. All these alias's are driving me nuts. Has Mick made an appearence yet? or is he on the slow train? Cheers, MOD

Blogger bdiddy said...
Damn good view!

Blogger debaser said...
That's damned pretty!

Blogger mw said...
nice view for sure.

saturday: 90+miles of heaven on gravel and dirt. wilderness to cortland (on77) to adams to bennet to the mopac. big loop. it was nice weather. i need to take a camera sometime. but you can picture dirt roads...

sunday: platte in the morning, 3 laps with the crew. then rode from platte to bellevue on gravel and some highway. mmm. more miles. clears the head nicely after a long weeeek at work.

monday: holiday. told k i woulld keep it short. went thru wilderness again with mg. the conditions were sweet. hardpac and fast with some looseyness. made for some 2 wheel drifting fun.

i'm already for next weekend again!

Anonymous john said...
Looks like fun Chad, Wish i could have been there. No one even knew it was a holiday here, except for a few english people who made rude comments. I told them if it wasn't for us they would be speaking German and that seemd to do the trick.

Its been raining hard here for the last few days. I just got back from a ride with some canadians, i think every single thing i had on was soaked. At least the trails here are too sandy to get very muddy.