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Tuesday, July 26
Good Problem

Happened across kw's blog today. Had to link him because he's down with the master plan. He mentioned Robert Randolph and the family band in his post and I thought I would share some pics from the show that i went to at the beginning of July. I didn't know that Harrah's had an outdoor venue like this! It was cheap $12 bring your lawn chair and catch the show. The chair is optional because this band will have you out seat and shaking your ass!

Song 1

This song is off of unclassified. Thats the Bass player singing!

Song 2

Song 2 is from an album called THE WORD calaboration between the North missippi allstars, John Medeski, and Robert Randolph.

Blogger -kw said...
Right on.
When was that?

Blogger Chaybo said...
is this the concert that you went to with Fowler ? looks like good times for sure.

hey...the Good Problem blog link to the right didn't work for me. Anyone else experience the same ?

Blogger Chaybo said...
BTW....kevin that picture is great.