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Wednesday, July 20
Platte Morning
Is there any plans for a Platte River ride in the morning this coming weekend? I know of the group ride on Sunday, but is there any interest in Saturday morning?
Blogger mw said...
hmmm. not sure. saturday could work. but i'm hoping to ride up early early early sunday morning and catch a ride back to lincoln.

Blogger 3p0 said...
we're leaving from the Island stylee party around midnight, 1 am to get up to platte, take a nap and ride around a bit,

grab some food, and maybe ride home, maybe catch a ride home.

but w says early, he just doesn't know how early he really is going.


Blogger mw said...
you have a point there.

my dad is arriving from out of town too, so i have to be somewhat mindful of that on sunday...