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Wednesday, July 20
Some weeds, some hills.
One more picture from last weekend. Great ride for the wife, up Boreas Pass to the divide. Pushed her boundaries a bit, and super rewarding views.

Blogger Chaybo said...
Pushin Daisy's and make'em come up

a nice picture to wake up to. Haven't even had my fix of Joe yet, but i've got my fix of Stone Cold covered now.....thanks ganz

purdy sad when a fella has to tred his half neked ass over to the computer first thing in the morn to check up on his homies from NE. Coffee is done so it looks like the day is only getting better.

have a good one fellas

Blogger debaser said...
"Pushin Daisy's and make'em come up"

Way better than any caption I came up with, thanks!

Blogger mw said...
i've dragged my ass over that pass. so beautiful. i was digging the luminas and pontiac6000's that were driving it too!

Blogger redstone said...
word. 6000, G.