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Friday, July 1
Damned the air is thick... 20 feet above sea level. Humid and salty too. Strange after last weekend's heights.

Noone blow any fingers off this weekend, mmkay?
Blogger mw said...
where are you?

tomorrow: mega gravel ride.
sunday: ride at platte, then up to gretna or bellevue.
monday: short ride or my ass is grass. maybe...

i'll let the "professionals" handle the explosives in gretna...water truck at the ready.

Blogger redstone said...
Today - 2 hrs at Miller Rock/Cerain St Vrain
Tomorrow - early 1.5 hrs road before work
Sunday - 4 hour pre work ride at Lion Gulch
Monday - epic big, Peaceful Valley/Sourdough?
Tues - either another big ride or my ass is grass too.

Blogger debaser said...
Tommorow: Seattle Intl Beer Fest. Scaz. Palmer. I have a designated driver.
Sunday: Pacific Ocean
Monday:, dinner, party.
Tuesday: ?
Wednesday: Fly home.

During then, I'll be sure to be jealous of all your riding. I miss my bike already.

Blogger bdiddy said...
This post is worthless without Pictures!

Blogger bdiddy said...
we have a few up where are the rest?