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Thursday, June 30
Sweet Ride
I sat in one of these today. The guy we buy diesel engine powered electric generators to us drove his new toy down from Sioux Falls. This thing is awesome, and he is driving it all over. He even let a couple of guys drive it. Nothing like this thing screaming down the highway next to work at 140! What a disgusting display of can I get one.
Blogger debaser said...
That's purty sweet. ONly thing i have close was being able to sit in a Viper, which was TINY inside. You wouldn't want to be any bigger than me to be comfy in one of those.

And I drove a genIII rx7 that was stupid fast. I hit that little connector road between East O and Walton at 100+ just into third gear. f a s t.

I love cars.

Blogger redstone said...
The sweetest part is that he's driving it and having fun. Hell, you buy 'em to drive 'em. No use owning a museum piece just to look at. No different than bikes that way.

Lucky guy, I'd like to get my butt in one of those, too.

Blogger Chaybo said...
looks like you guys are spending toooo much on dim der generators

Anonymous Damien said...
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