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Saturday, June 25
another hookey day shot
Here's another pic from the day LC and I played hookey. This is coming down the Indian Trail - way, way tougher than it appears.

Blogger thad said...
uhhh...looks pretty tough to me.


Blogger debaser said...
Easy as pie. Show some good shit already!

Blogger mg said...
um, yeah... right bg. it's just good to see lyons chad back in action.

to say that i'm jealous would be an understatement. anyone know someone in colorado that needs a real good marketing dude???


Blogger debaser said...
If'n that's where I think it is, all I remember is hanging way behind the saddle and hanging on.

Blogger Chaybo said...
Lyons chad makin' it look easy. Nice picture dave....i can't even see a run up to this section. Looks tough.

Blogger redstone said...
You hit it Chaybo - that's part of what makes it hard. It's about a 900 foot descent and a lot of it is like this. Prior to this section, it's a super steep chute into a hard left switchback. It scrubs all of your speed and you traverse over to this section. In order to hit it, it's a 90 degree right hand switchback right into LC's position. Fun stuff. I walked.